Klaus-Peter Horn, Regine Brick

Invisible Dynamics

Systemic Constellations in Organisations and in Business

Aus d. en v. Colleen Beaumont
eBook (Epub) 2009
26,99 € ISBN 978-3-8497-8169-9 Thema: Management/Organisationsberatung, Beratung/Coaching/Supervision The company isn’t booming, the customers are drifting away, innovation is at a standstill – What’s wrong? A rational analysis can provide you with pieces of the problem, but never... Weiterlesen eBook erhältlich bei:

The company isn’t booming, the customers are drifting away, innovation is at a standstill – What’s wrong? A rational analysis can provide you with pieces of the problem, but never the whole picture. Systemic constellations give you the missing link. Success with this method in companies such as Daimler-Chrysler, IBM, and BMW has contributed to a booming interest in Europe.

When the systemic structure of a team, company or market becomes clear, it is obvious what has to happen next. Individuals who are not involved in the problem situation are used to represent people or parts of the company and a trained consultant uses feedback from the representatives to reveal hidden dynamics and point to solutions.

Anyone in a position of responsibility in industry or government, or an organisation in health education or welfare can profit from this book. It is easy to read and practical, with case examples and short summaries for quick scanning.

“A totally obscure situation suddenly became as clear as day. How come we couldn’t see the obvious before?! For all of our company leaders it was a total revelation.”
O. Wassermann, CEO of Wassermann AG/Swisslog, Munich, Germany

Press reviews:

“This book introduces a psychological method that could provide an alternative way of working with systems in the corporate world... The deeply human approach is intriguing...”
Sueddeutsche Zeitung

“In-depth professional consulting for organisations! If you know even a little bit about systemic approaches, you will find this book most valuable” Training Aktuell

“The book develops in a masterly way. Rarely have I read a non-fiction with such pleasure.”

“Even the sceptical reader can begin to grasp how systemic coaching works … and the power of the unconscious.”

“Systemic constellations are a most effective method for finding out what is really going on in a company.”

Klaus-Peter Horn

Klaus-Peter Horn, Dr., Jg. 1953, studierte Psychologie und Sozialwissenschaften, beschäftigt sich seit 1975 mit systemischen Ansätzen und arbeitet seit 1982 als Trainer und Berater für Unternehmen. Er ist Inhaber von Commit Coaching und Training in Schondorf/Ammersee. Arbeitsschwerpunkte: Systemische Organisationsberatung, systemisches Coaching, Konfliktmanagement, Teamentwicklung, Führungstraining.

Regine Brick

Regine Brick, Jg. 1948, Partnerin von Commit Coaching und Training. Inhaberin der Praxis für Integratives Lernen, Schondorf/Ammersee. Sie arbeitet als systemische Beraterin, Trainerin und als Moderatorin für Organisationen und Unternehmen. Arbeitsschwerpunkte: Systemische Aufstellungsarbeit für berufliche und persönliche Anliegen, Paarberatung, Voice Dialogue, Prozessmanagement.

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