Global Forum: From Ego to Eco 2030

Global Forum: From Ego to Eco 2030

Action Confidence for Profound Societal Change

2020 to 2030 might well be the most critical decade in recent history. At the threshold of this new decade, we are called to ever more bold intention and action. Massive change needs to be both seeded, activated and accelerated, and at the same time, we are learning so much from incredible transformation initiatives underway across the globe. It's time now to grow our collective momentum. The Forum brings together thought leadership, plus on-the-ground experience gained through application of the principles and practices of vertical literacy – the capacity to understand and influence systems from all three intelligences, head, heart and hand – and co-creative learning across the world in the broadest range of contexts.

Ways to participate:

In-person on 10 - 11 July in Berlin at the BUFA Berlin Campus to co-generate the global event in real time (limited availability)


Convene or join a local event/hub on 10 - 11 July, with direct local activities complemented by global live-stream interaction with Berlin (unlimited availability)


Join online individually for global live-stream interaction with Berlin (unlimited availability)

Strengthening our connection with each other and with our deeper sources of generativity, we may step away from blind, panicked reactivity towards responsive action, encouraged by the efforts and successes of so many others across the globe. We invite you to join us for the Presencing Institute’s Global Forum, 10 & 11 July 2020 – to build Action Confidence individually and collectively, to activate further seeds of possibility for Regeneration and Renewal, and set our Agenda for 2030. Participation format and cost are currently still being designed. Further program details will be shared soon.

10. 07.2020


Beginn: 10.07.2020, 09:00
Ende: 11.07.2020, 18:00
Art der Veranstaltung: Kongress


Name des Veranstalters: Presencing Institute
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