1D CA for 4-valued FORM logic SelFis

Based on the 1D Cellular Automaton by @mbostock to work with the 4-valued logical calculus introduced 2017 by Ralf Peyn in uFORM iFORM

Peter Hofmann has constructed this fantastic tool to plot SelFis directly from a formula like


Click link:


You can enter 1 to 5 variables. With even variable numbers, a cell is left free in the middle for symmetry. However, variables must always consist of exactly one letter.

You can also change the initialization mode, but you cannot enter your own patterns yet.

Long term goal of this work is to connect this tool with the FORMtricorder so we all can enter FORMs and immediately see how they play out as a system.

So stay tuned and think about this: the chance to find another Earth in this universe is probably higher than for CoOneAnother to emerge in the variation of all possible FORM’s with 3 variables … Evolution of cooperation … what a marvelous thing …