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Stephanie A. Krawinkler

Trust is a Choice

Prolegomena of Anthropology of Trust(s)

189 Seiten, Kt, 2013
€ 19,95
ISBN 978-3-89670-972-1

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Trust is a universal but culture-bound phenomenon and a critical success factor in corporate life. The author provides a compilation of anthropological theoretical threads on trust. She conducted a long-time ethnography of a company and describes what trust is, how it is established and maintained in this particular organization, and addresses the question whether it can be regained when lost. This elaborated case proves that the anthropological methods can be helpful in researching this abstract topic. An additional chapter outlines and further discusses the used research methods.

This book is for students, scholars, and for managers of companies that are interested in trust theory and research as well as business anthropology.

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Stephanie A. Krawinkler

Stephanie A. Krawinkler, Dr., social and cultural anthropologist, author, and lecturer at the University of Vienna. She has been conducting business anthropological research since 2006. Other fields of research include cross-cultural communication, methodology, trust, awareness, and South East Asia.



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