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Systemic Insights and Solutions for Teachers, Students and Parents

This is a book about systemic insights and solutions for teachers, students, and parents. In her report, Marianne Franke-Gricksch shows how she sighed with relief upon managing to integrate the “systemic” view of family therapy into everyday school routine.
ISBN 978-3-89670-818-2 Translated from the German by Karen Leube eBook (PDF) 2011. Aufl. Erscheinungsdatum 30.10.2011
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In this gripping account of her work, Marianne Franke-Gricksch speaks from her experience as a teacher and therapist, describing how systemic ideas enable fundamentally new and effective learning and encourage creative cooperation between students, teachers, and parents. Rather than viewing the participants in this process as isolated individuals, she shows how people and their environment constantly influence and change each other. Franke-Gricksch's own systemic view connects Bert Hellinger's work on the power of one's bond with his or her family of origin with various other approaches within systemic theory. The author's reports are consistently supported by practical examples from the everyday classroom situation. Especially fascinating is the children's enthusiasm and array of ideas that they use to pick up and transfer the new impulses and procedures. Readers who are new to these methods will also be amazed at the powerful effect that is released by systemic thinking and action.


Marianne Franke-Gricksch

Marianne Franke-Gricksch, bis 1997 Lehrerin an Grund- und Hauptschulen; Aus- und Fortbildungen in Primärtherapie, Familien-Stellen, Hypnotherapie, Kurztherapie sowie Ausbildung zur Heilpraktikerin. Heute ist sie in freier Praxis für Psychotherapie und Familientherapie tätig, leitet Gruppenseminare für Familien-Stellen und bietet Paar- und Einzeltherapie an. Ihre besondere Aufmerksamkeit gilt den Erfahrungen, die sie in der Berufssupervision mit Lehrern und Therapeuten sowie in systemisch orientierten Therapiegruppen für Jugendliche zwischen 16 und 22 Jahren sammelt.

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