We need a Change – Systemic Conferences for Diversity and transdisciplinary Dialogues

Along the (coming) meta-crises, different currents are forming, which in different ways use different orientation codes to face the challenges that come with them. Some of these currents speak such different languages, form such different codes that they have difficulty in coming into contact with the others without symmetrical conflicts arising at conceptual level that make deeper constructive dialogues impossible.

Four of these currents are forming themselves at:

  • Constructivist systemic-integral thinkers and doers

  • Transhumanistic-technological influencers

  • Climate and environmental activists and experts

  • New economy and new leadership creators

FORMWELTen-Institute has therefore organized 9 international conferences over 48 hours on the stream-around-the-clock platform of Leanbase, Germany, which address the central topics that motivate the named currents to take action.

The aim of these conferences is to facilitate serious systemic long-term exchange along the emerging lines of conflict, in order to transdisciplinarily and inter(sub)systemically make central insights from the currents accessible, beyond their usual bubbles, and correspondingly open up new doors for personal contacts to write emergent and crisis-functional programs. Viewers participated in an ongoing chat and thus brought in other perspectives and upcoming questions.

The conferences are planned as periodical events to move forward and deepen long-term dialogues.

The first 9 conferences have been set up as knowledge platforms out of the respective currents - in the long run they will be organized gradually in a transdisciplinary and FORMWELT-supported way that allows accordingly functional concretizing conceptual work.

The 9 conferences, their topics, speakers and facilitators:

Accelerating a new Kind of Thinking & Science for a Sustainable Future

Keynote: Sebastián Gaggero Dávila, Matríztica Institute, Chile
Speakers: Gitta Peyn, Julene Siddique, Steven Wallis, David Wood, Barbara Zuber
Facilitators: Martin Geisenhainer, Rebekka Manos
Link: https://youtu.be/KOAJVfMshlI



Economy of the Future and Climate Crisis

Keynote: Dr. Petra Künkel, Collective Leadership Institute, Club of Rome
Speakers: Stefan Bauer, Simon Kyalo Maluki, Alex Schleber, Thy-Diep Ta, Markus Will
Facilitators: Rebekka Manos, Gitta Peyn
Link: https://youtu.be/ezIpiX_cDAg



Climate Crisis and Green Energy – The pressing Points of the UN Emission Gap Report

Keynote: Dr. Martin Frick, former Director of Climate, Energy and Tenure Division, UN FAO, now Deputy to the Special Envoy for the UN FOOD Systems Summit 2021 at United Nations
Speakers: Tim Judson, Leona Morgan, Gitta Peyn, Kerstin Rudek, Markus Will
Facilitators: Kristin Eissfeldt, Martin Geisenhainer
Link: https://youtu.be/iQspzgwLnUQ



Bildung – How to create Education leading to Human Self-Emancipation

Keynote: Gitta Peyn, FORMWELTen-Institute, G21 UN/WAAS conferences
Speakers: Nikola Danaylov, Julene Siddique, Dr. Sandeep Sing, Steven Wallis
Facilitators: Kristin Eissfeldt, Martin Geisenhainer
Link: https://youtu.be/PtCKluOEPMk



Longevity and Health as Resilience Factor

Keynote: Nora Bateson, Bateson-Institute
Speakers: Arpita Doshi, Tharun Krishna, Dr. Marios Kyriazis, Siiri Mall Musten, Ilia Stambler
Facilitators: Rebekka Manos, Gitta Peyn
Link: https://youtu.be/f7yXObXZvhI



Augmented Humanity – Opportunity or Threat?

Keynote: David Wood, Chair London Futurists
Speakers: Nikola Danaylov, Michael Healy, David Pearce, Yonah A. Welker
Facilitators: Martin Geisenhainer, Gitta Peyn
Link: https://youtu.be/dlIB-gN-6xU



Emergent Technologies, AI and Ethics

Keynote: Nikola Danaylov, Singularity Weblogs
Speakers: Getnet Aseffa, Gerrit Beine, Vamsi Krishna, Gitta Peyn, David Wood
Facilitators: Kristin Eissfeldt, Martin Geisenhainer
Link: https://youtu.be/d4gUv291LwE



Social Media Competence & Communication in Times of Crisis

Keynote: Ulrike Krämer, Generation Ambassador
Speakers: Neil Davidson, Göran Hielscher, Jeffery Mercer, Alex Schleber, Nadja Tjahja
Facilitators: Kristin Eissfeldt, Rebekka Manos
Link: https://youtu.be/DpyUswVgTNc



Leadership in Crisis

Keynote: Dr. Jan Bellermann, Conscious Leadership Academy
Speakers: Regina Brand, Prof. Marc Lucas, Nikola Danaylov, Alina Grün, Heiko Veit
Facilitators: Kristin Eissfeldt, Rebekka Manos, Gitta Peyn
Link: https://youtu.be/S3vj35NUtzE


Die Konferenzen fanden im Rahmen des von Leanbase, Deutschland, organisierten Super-Events "Stream around the Clock" statt und werden von dort aus weiter begleitet und unterstützt.