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Relative Balance in an Unstable World

A Search for New Models for Trauma Education and Recovery

ISBN 978-3-89670-540-2 174 p., Paperback, 2006. Aufl. Erscheinungsdatum 15.04.2006
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Dieses Buch ist Teil des Themas Systemische Therapie und Beratung


“The time has come,” writes Anngwyn St. Just, “to expand our understanding of trauma to include the kinds of overwhelm that extend beyond a traumatized individual. If we are to meet oncoming challenges of natural and man-made disasters, war, terrorism and other forms of violence, new paradigms are needed.” Dr. St. Just urges her readers to awaken to a realization that trauma is a global issue and to an urgent need to develop international, culturally appropriate, cost effective trauma education and recovery programs based upon easily transmitted concepts. “Relative Balance in an Unstable World” offers a compelling invitation to expand current concepts of trauma to include Nature, shamanic wisdom, cross-cultural, non-verbal, body-oriented methods and an appreciation for the healing power of community. Moving beyond her focus on individual trauma into the larger realms of social trauma was a deeply personal process for Anngwyn St. Just as a professional, a woman and a child of war. Her innovative and distinctly feminine perspective offers a compelling invitation to expand current concepts about trauma to include nature, shamanic wisdom, cross-cultural, non-verbal body-oriented methods, and a profound appreciation for the healing power of community. Given the increasing numbers of people identified as trauma survivors and the pressure of steadily rising health costs, it is clear that we are moving in the direction of crisis. As the ancient Chinese proverb advises “If we do not change direction, we are likely to wind up where we are going.” “A rare combination of autobiography and scientific research at its best! I am now inspired to investigate connections, ideas, concepts and possibilities for individual healing and constructive social change that I would not otherwise have recognized.” John Bilorusky, Ph.D., President, Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley, California “Anngwyn St. Just reveals fascinating connections that many of us overlook or don’t acknowledge. Her work, which touches the reader to the very core, provides insight and shows creative options for all people who are affected by the consequences of ethno-political wars, cruelty, and hate, which are part of our contemporary history.” Dr. Peter Levine “A fascinating book. A rare combination of descriptive personal experience and expertise. Trauma is not only individual. Rather trauma and solution to trauma are embedded in the context of society, culture, and nation.” Dr. Bertold Ulsamer “It does one good to read how the author deals with the difficult topic of ‘social trauma’ in such a creative and feminine way. Based on my work as a systemically operating physician, I can only confirm what Dr. Anngwyn St. Just describes about the deep connections in the family systems.” Ilse Kutschera, M.D.


Anngwyn Lamm-St. Just

Anngwyn Lamm-St. Just, Ph. D., is a social traumatologist, cultural historian, psychotherapist and somatic educator who holds advanced degrees from The Western Institute for Social Research and the University of California at Berkeley. As founder and Director of the Arizona Center for Social Trauma she specializes in developing multimodal, cross cultural and body oriented methods based upon easily transmitted concepts for trauma education and recovery. Through ACST-Europa in Zurich/Switzerland (, Dr. St. Just offers international seminars and training programs in social trauma with special focus on the issues of men, women and war.

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