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Systemic Consultancy in Organisations

Concepts – Tools – Innovations In cooperation with Johann Ortner

“We had already tried a variety of different consulting and management training techniques, but the approach used by Königswieser & Network was – and is – quite extraordinary. It played a decisive role in ensuring that participants in our company remain highly motivated, full of enthusiasm and open to change.” Wilhelm Braun, Eurovia Services
ISBN 978-3-8497-8051-7 Aus d. Deutschen v. Angela Dickinson eBook (PDF) 2016. Aufl. Erscheinungsdatum 15.10.2016
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This introduction to systemic organisational consulting addresses a readership from a wide range of professions. The authors, consultants with the renowned Vienna-based Königswieser & Network GmbH, describe their integrated approach to business and systemic process consulting for the commercial and non-profit sectors. The book contains chapters that deal with the basic principles of this approach, the specific kind of systemic intervention, consulting in difficult situations, as well as the future of organisational development and consulting. It is complemented by articles focusing on topics including personnel cutbacks, corporate governance practices, and executive coaching at the individual and team levels. "We have experienced many different consulting approaches and forms of management training in the past, but the work done by Königswieser & Network was truly remarkable. It is largely thanks to them that the employees involved in the project in our organization are now highly motivated, raring to go and brimming with enthusiasm." Wilhelm Braun, Eurovia Services


Roswita Königswieser

Roswita Königswieser, Dr. phil.; Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin von Königswieser & Network GmbH, Komplementäre Beratung und systemische Entwicklung; Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte: Komplexe, nachhaltige Veränderungsprozesse in Mittel- und Großunternehmen, Coaching von Topmanagern, Weiterbildung von Veränderungsmanagern und Beratern im Komplementäransatz, zahlreiche Publikationen.

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Martin Hillebrand

Martin Hillebrand, Dipl.-Psych.; Co 13, Gruppe für systemische Beratung, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter. Studium der Psychologie, Ausbildung in Gesprächspsychotherapie nach Rogers und Langzeitausbildung zum systemischen Berater; Arbeitsschwerpunkte: Gestaltung und Begleitung von komplexen und nachhaltigen Veränderungsprozessen; Umsetzung von Strategien; Weiterbildung für Veränderungsmanager und Berater.

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