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Fritz B. Simon, C/O/N/E/C/T/A, Gerardo Drossos, Ingrid Kreuzer, Karl Prammer, Michael Schulte-Derne, Monika Veith, Eva Dachenhausen, Alfred Janes, Herbert Schober-Ehmer, Helga WeuleListe aller Autor:innen

The Organisation of Self-Organisation

Foundations of Systemic Management

“A stimulating walk for the inquisitive and the pragmatist over the fairground of our personal behavioural options ... clearly sets this book apart from other management guides on offer.” Manager Magazine
ISBN 978-3-89670-447-4 Translated from the German by Sally Hofmeister 176 p., 15 Illus., Paperback, 2004. Aufl. Erscheinungsdatum 15.09.2004
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Economics, so they say, is eighty per cent psychology. In this book, the author shows that psychology is one hundred per cent economics. Every human interaction can be understood as a form of market economy. The theoretical explanation for this model follows from recent developments in systems and evolution theory and the epistemological concepts of so-called “radical constructivism”. Human behaviour can be seen as a commodity that is differentiated, named, evaluated and exchanged, and that means that anyone who acts, transacts. This book elucidates what this means in theory and practice for a manager and his everyday life, the organisation of companies, management, achievement, planning and business culture; the author illustrates this in a number of case examples and complements it with recipes for a manager’s everyday life.
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